People of zee wurl, Relax!


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How considerate!
Ticket to Seoul - $1334.77

0.36 fl oz of Refresh Contacts rewetting drops - $6.99

Actually getting to use said eyedrops on a 24-hour trip to Korea, thereby preventing anguish-provoked enucleation and thus being able to see that face you've been waiting four months to put your eyes on - PRICELESS.

Thank you, TSA, for pulling your heads out of your asses and relaxing a knee-jerk reaction a smidge or two.

While we're on this cheesy Mastercard knock-off thing, you know what else would also be PRICELESS? Getting to meet -- and get my picture taken with -- the Chonger lookalike! It would make my trip to Korea officially the Best Vacation Ever. Squared.


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