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8 November 1981
Life changes. This journal doesn't reflect that nearly enough.
LaTeX, 1337 5p34k, agnosticism, air force intel, alone time, aqua teen hunger force, astronomy, astrophysics, belle & sebastian, betelgeuse, birkenstocks, black & white photography, bobbins, brindles, building hyperbolic planes, cabana boys, cappuccino, carl sagan, cat power, chaos theory, coffee, concerts, cooking, craig wedren, cryptography, css, ddr, downtown portland, drunken haircutting, e (the number), eddie izzard, eggnog stick, elliot smith, escher, espresso, feminism, festivities, fibonacci sequence, fierce invalids, fortune cookies, fractals, french press coffee, future sound of london, goldfish crackers, guided by voices, happy dance, harry potter, homestar runner, html, hubble space telescope, hum, independent film, independent thought, indie rock, induction, irish cream, j.r.r. tolkien, jitterbug perfume, lj styles, mac hall, matador records, math, michael ondaatje, modest mouse, mogwai, munchkin, music millenium, neal stephenson, nebulae, nick drake, ninjas, no bones, no kids, non-euclidean geometry, number theory, orbital, orion, otter pops, pantheism, pascal's triangle, pavement, pavement ist rad!, penguins, philosophy, photoshop, pilates, pirates, pixar, powell's, reading, real ultimate power, red wine, religion and science, reproductive freedom, reproductive rights, rigel, running, running in the rain, scary go round, sex, shudder to think, sleater-kinney, space ghost, spoon, stalking boys, star munchkin, star wars, stephen malkmus, strong bad, supernovae, sushi, swimming, taco taco cafe, tea, tetrinet, the cheat, the dismemberment plan, the roxy, tom robbins, trifid nebula, trinity university, unitarian universalism, w00t!, water polo, web design, wine and cheese parties, writing, yo la tengo

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